Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Final Thoughts

Uploaded on March 24, 2007
It has been a mostly fun journey through 23 Things. The item I discovered that I use the most is Google Reader on my iGoogle page. The item I enjoyed the most is Flickr, though I'm not sure I will have as much use for it when I am not longer looking for fun pictures to add to my blog. Since I am not a technology junkie, I did appreciate the opportunity to become more familiar with all of the items that are such a part of current culture. If offered, I would participate in another discovery program for that reason, especially if it included CEUs.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Uploaded on June 19, 2006
by ein Augenblick

I looked at and listened to Project Gutenberg. I browsed titles and listened to the start of a few. I preferred listening to human-read audio books. I wish the site had more information about the reader to help you choose a version. I tried listening to a computer-generated audio book, but found it very difficult to listen to for a long period of time. I kept expecting the voice to tell me my library books were due.


I looked at both and Podcast Alley. I was able to find a news podcast from NPR and have subscribed to its RSS feed. Adding a podcast to our library website might be a good way to let our customers know about changes happening at the library.


I played around on YouTube for quite a while. I think that videos as instructional tools could be very useful on our library website. While exploring, I found some interesting videos, but was having trouble finding something I thought was interesting enough to blog about. Eventually I started searching for terms that interest me and found this commercial that shows crashes from the Tour de France. Enjoy...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Web 2.0 Award Winners

I looked at RealTravel . I really liked being able to see other traveler's itineraries and to read their blogs. It is a great way to find blogs on travel in a specific region. I did not find as many ratings of hotels and restaurants as I have found on other travel sites. I will definitely use it when planning my next trip, but only as one of many resources.

I also looked at PEERtrainer. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to lose weight or become more fit. It appears to offer many of the same features for free that other commercial sites offer at a hefty price.

Monday, November 5, 2007


I have played around with ZOHO Writer and I already have a Google Docs account. I love the idea that you can access your documents from any computer with internet access. So far I am finding creating this post in ZOHO very easy. I have not created any documents in Google yet, but I have edited documents that I uploaded to the site, including my 23 Things Tracking Log. Have my tracking log on a web based word processing application has made it very easy to update, no matter where I am working on 23 Things.

I also think that all of the features that allow collaboration on a document make online word processing applications much more practical than software-based productivity tools for many people.

I am now going to attempt to publish this post on my blog. If you are reading this, than I was successful.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sandbox Wiki

I visited the Sandbox and added my blog to the "Favorite Blogs" page. It was interesting to read the postings on favorite vacation destinations.

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